IWD Scholarship

A social impact initiative designed to celebrate women’s spirit and achievements in tech. In honor of 2024 International Women’s Day, we’re proud to offer this full scholarship to learn our Web development with ASP.net to empower women aspiring to get into tech to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the tech industry.

Application Deadline:


About this Scholarship

At Univelcity UK, we’re passionate about empowering individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re thrilled to introduce the IWD Scholarship—a special initiative launched in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The IWD Scholarship aims to support and uplift women who are pursuing careers in technology. Through this scholarship, we provide financial assistance, mentorship, networking and internship opportunities to help women break barriers, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential in the tech industry.

It is a full scholarship offering worth £1500.

A £15,000 Scholarship Focused on Empowering 10 Women to Flourish in their Tech Careers

The IWD Scholarship is more than just financial support; it’s a commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the tech world.

Women represent only 25% of tech workers globally, and we believe that by providing opportunities and resources to talented women, we can create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Join us in our mission to uplift and empower women in tech. Apply for the IWD Scholarship today and take the next step towards your extraordinary tech career journey!

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the FULL scholarship, applicants must…

  • Reside in UK
  • Identify as a woman
  • Demonstrate commitment to career advancement
  • It is necessary to have good knowledge of HTML, CSS,Javascript and any backend language like (Python, NodeJs, PHP etc.)

Scholarship Details

  • £1500 worth program
  • For 10 women
  • Application Deadline: March 16 – 21
  • Application Review: Ongoing
  • Successful Applicant Announcement: 24 – 48 Hours after Application

Scholarship Objectives

What you'll gain;

Real time projects

Our live projects provide you with the opportunity to showcase your skills, enrich and demonstrate your ability to solve problems

Career Coaching

Acquire the guidance, support, and advice you need to excel in your career by engaging with seasoned industry professionals

Personal Branding

Learn to create compelling stories and experiences throughout your Univelciy journey and begin attarcting the right employers to your profile as you “Build in Public”

Interactive session

Our live classes provide a platform for you to interact and seek clarification from instructors

Univelcity Community

Join a tech community that allows you to develop skills in areas you’re enthusiastic about.

Receive Certification

Earn a certification validating your skills and program accomplishments upon completing the bootcamp.

Scholarship Schedule

The scholarship is designed to support women throughout their educational journey and beyond, equipping them with the skills, confidence, and support system needed for long-term success in tech.

Jumpstart your career with Univelcity’s Web development with ASP.net program. Learn how to work with design patterns, architecture, and complex business logic. how to develop database objects with the Entity Framework, how to secure applications with the ASP.NET Identity and how to deploy ASP.NET Core applications.


Start Date: March 30th, 2024
Duration: 12 Weekends

Application Deadline: